In 1983, the annual leadership awards ceremony was created to recognize the outstanding work of individuals and student organizations at Ohio University. In 2008, for the event's 25th anniversary, the Division of Student Affairs transformed the reception to what is now known as The Leadership Awards Gala, a grand evening in celebration of our students and their outstanding demonstration of­character, commitment, civility, community, and citizenship.

These awards are given to show appreciation and encouragement of student leadership at Ohio University by identifying student involvement and excellence through an awards recognition ceremony. ­

This year will be The 31st Annual Leadership Awards Gala. It will take place on Wednesday, April 2 from 6:00PM-9:00PM

30th Annual Leadership Awards Gala (2013)

During the 30th Annual Leadership Awards Gala, students were not only recognized, but were also presenters of the awards. Previous winners, Homecoming Ambassadors, and representatives of leadership organizations on campus were a bigger part of this year's production.

The OHIO Compass article that posted the day after this year's event quoted Vice President for Student Affairs Ryan Lombardi saying “Leadership is not just about people, it’s about opportunity. It’s how we make the most of those opportunities that come before us. OHIO is full of opportunities—it’s a place where transformation occurs. The students we celebrate tonight have fully grasped those opportunities. They’ve taken full advantage and in doing so have created more opportunities for our institution and for future Bobcats.”