Venezuela Protests

Students began protesting about 2 months ago in February, demanding action to tackle high crime rates and inflation.

Venezuela protesters have caused about 41 deaths since the start of the crisis. Since Chavez died and Mr. Maduro became president, he agreed to continue Hugo Chavez's legacy. That was what started protests from the beginning. Protesters have said that they will not stop until the president resigns.  

Conflict View: the protests are affecting people in the streets especially all the violence that is resulting in the deaths of many people.

Functionalist View: All relationships in this society are interrupted during this crisis because nothing functions in its normal way anymore. The government can't help the people because the people don't agree with the government.

Interactionist View: The behavior/reaction of the people who are protesting are a form of how society has changed because this is something that hasn't happened before which is why it seems that the government has no control over it right now.

                                Venezuela government has sat down with opposition reps to try and negotiate how to end this crisis. With the help of the Vatican, they are seeking peace.

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