Slender Loris            

           Slender Loris are these cute, adorable animals that have big eyes that gives them excellent night vision to hunt for slugs and insects. The slender loris is somewhat like a monkey slender loris-big eyes, thin arms and legs, swing/grab onto the branches, they eat leaves, insects,bananas, flowers and they also are excellent climbers. Monkeys-thin arms and legs, swings/grabs onto the branches, amazing at climbing and they eat leaves, bananas and flowers. They have a slow rate of metabolism that is a chemical that makes/produces energy which allows them to digest things that may not be eaten by other animals like the gum of trees.

         They live in the rain forests because 1-there are trees/sticks to grab on or to swing on 2-they eat insect, slugs and flowers 3-they have extremely thin legs and arms to twist through the branches without letting their pray know that a predator is near. Their climate tempature reaches 77 degrees and never drops below 64 degrees. Their climate is very wet the rainforest is also made up of moss, shrubs, trees, grass, flowers, rocks, heathly soil and waterfalls. There are mountains and hills in the rainforest there is also a lot of water because of the waterfalls. They are normally found in south wet lands in the south west of Africa and Australia, they also live in the south of Asia in the rain forests.

          The adaptations that help the slender loris survive are young leaves, shoots, trees, nestlings,  eggs, insects, slugs and plants they help them survive by eating and sleeping.

          Their characteristics are a small little adorable animal that has super thin arms and legs to give them excellent climbing skills, they also have huge eyes to see better at night to hunt insects at night. They weigh about 10.5-12 ounces and they only grow up to be about 6-10 inches. Their life span is about 12-25 years and they rub urine on themselves because they eat poison beetles they run it on themselves to make the sting/pain from the poison hurt less or go away for a little while.

           The trees breaking into pieces leads to the death for many large canopy trees. Canopy trees are the most important thing in the rainforest because the canopy provides fruits and shelter for many animals. The storms/thunder and lightning that causes the canopy to break into pieces and that puts animals in danger.

          Mad theory

Move: Birds, squirrels, chipmunks and bugs/insects

Adapt: bugs/insects, frogs, birds, chipmunks and squirrels

Die: slender loris, eggs, bugs/insects, squirrels and chipmunks

Above are some photos of where slender loris live, things that live in their ecosystem and pictures of slender loris.

Above are some pictures of plants, animals that live in their ecosystem and pictures of their ecosystem.

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