Reading Journal

May 13, 2014

dear mis sara

I reed  toys story  the  book   is a good book  because is good for me  and I  reed  To  my    mom and dad  love I reed to he toy story  book  is for toy are not real because toy not  walk and not take  and  is a good for me dad like and  toy go to the tarah  adn budi go and  see in the trah  and then vudi go to the car  to said  not go  bat  the mom for  andi   cam and  the toys. THE TOYS GO TO the school for little kids and all lights all can play with hims because noone play with them becuaseh e is giong to the school for kids and he says to the mom if he can go like one man for the all the toys for he have and then he go to the school for all mans and then the toys go to play in the school for kids  litares     and  then oll go to a hause for  a gare and                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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