By: Emily Hearrold

Facts About Chile:

-64th largest country in the world by population, 38th largest country in the world with an area of 756,102 kilometers

-Spanish is main language spoken with 90%, English is also spoken by 10%

-Inca's originally ruled northern Chile

-They had a republican government

-1/3 of Chile is covered in the Andes

Attractions in Chile:

-Cerro San Cristóbal: hill with a view over the city and the Andes

-Chiloe Churches: Unique Churches

-Valparaiso: Brightly colored houses

-San Rafael Glaciers: Giant Glacier that calves into the Laguna San Rafael

-Valle de la Luna: Located in the Atacama Desert

-Torres del Paine: National Park in the Extreme South region of Patagonian Chile

-Pucon: Small touristy town in the middle of the southern Lake District


-Passport validity: just the duration of stay

-Blank passport pages: one page required for entry stamp

-Tourist Visa: Not required for stays 90 days or less

-Vaccinations: Not required, Hepatitis A is recommended


-Best time to go is at the holidays, or during the summer

-Temperatures in the Winter range from 100 degrees Fahrenheit to 30 degrees Fahrenheit

-Hotels raise their prices in anticipation of these times

-Food to eat: lots of meat, rice and potatoes, fresh fruits and vegetables from the fields of Central Chile, also seafood is common

-Where to stay: Hotel Santa Cruz Plaza ($224), Lodge Lakutaia ($250), or The Aubrey Boutique Hotel ($295)


-Traffic Safety/conditions: Right hand turns are prohibited at red lights, Mountains roads may be poorly maintained, poorly lit, and may lack guardrails, Many drivers exceed posted speed limits, and many drivers do not signal lane changes or yield to merging traffic

-Visitors for fewer than 90 days can rent a car with a U.S. license but insurance may not be available to them

-Street Crime is very big in any large city. Be aware of pick-pocketing, purse/camera snatching, and thefts from backpacks and rental cars

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