my 3D printing project

I chose 3D printing because I thought it would  be cool to see something I made on the computer come to life .I want to investigate this because i have heard so much about 3D printing. I don't think i want to make a career our of this i just want to try it. #kimptonstem7

day one /Thursday : today i started to do research on the project and i figured out im going to make a airplane and see how areo-dynamic it is going be based off a real plane.

day two /Friday :Today i am starting to make my air plane i haven't chosen which type of plane i want but it is going to be based off a real one.

day three/Monday : I am continuing to work on my plane to test in the  wind tunnel. I found out that it is hard to get wings to line up on the body.

day four/Tuesday: Today I am still working on my  plane i found out that it is more difficult than it looks to make a plane

day five/Wednesday : I had to re start on my plane because the design did not fit and it did not look good

day six/Thursday: I started on my new design for my plane instead of a triangular design I am going with a curricular design.

day six/Monday:I was absent today

day seven/ Tuesday: Today I finished my plane and I sent it to Mr trenent. I'm going to test hoe aerodynamic it is in a wind tunnel i make at home.I will bring the wind tunnel  in to school or test it at home and take video of it and put it on my Tackk.With my test it is going to test how aerodynamic the plane to see if it is aerodynamic enough.Step one of my test to make a wind at home.Step two is to find a way to make the wind a different color.Step three is to hang the plane up in the wind tunnel.Step four is to turn the fan on and test how hydrodynamic the plane is really inside  the wind tunnel.

day eight/Monday: I tested my airplane over the weekend.The aero dynamics are some where in the middle.I modified my test so instead of a wind tunnel  i just put up high and put a fan on it. I used flower to see the wind.

day nine/Tuesday: I modifications to my airplane so the tail fins would not fall off.` My airplane  worked a  little. It was aerodynamic and it wasn't

Day ten/Wednesday:Today is my reflection on my project.I had fun time working on my project. It was hard trying to figure out what I want to print but I came up with a cool design and put detail into it. I liked watching project print into a model in real life that i can touch.It was weird trying to figure out to transfer the model to a stl and send it to mr.ternet so he could print  it.  My project did not make me pursue a career in this. I just thought it would be fun to see my project come to life. sort of wished I choose a different project and I sort of don't.I didn't like that there was nothing to do when I printed and tested my model.I did like watch my project come to life.I learned how to make a stl file and how to make a cone in sketch up. I also learned that you always have to improve your project no matter what.

this is my plane i'm going to test
This is the 3D printer I am printing my plane from
this is the plan i made for my airplane

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