Mercato Nuovo

By: Jenna Phelan and Audrey McBride

Mercato Nuovo is a building in Florence. It is an outdoor shopping area, known as the "new market". We are going here on our 5th day of Florence. It costs no money to enter, but because it is a market, we will bring money to shop! Mercato Nuovo is one of the most known shopping centers in Florence. We want to visit, just to shop, and see its historical architecture! Google gives it a 4.2 stars out of five.

Fun Facts about Mercato Nuovo:

  • It is called Mercato Nuovo to distinguish it from Mercato Vecchio, which is the old market.
  • Mercato Nuovo is right next to the famous Ponte Vecchio, which we are also visiting.
  • Mercato Nuovo was built in the 16th century.
  • Leather goods and souvenirs are mainly sold today.


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