Point is the most basic element of design.  This picture shows location and position.

Horizontal Lines

Horizontal lines represent calm, peace, and relaxation.  The IBM logo is made up of eight horizontal lines into three letters.


Color is described by a number qualities.  Apple uses bright colors for this logo in order to attract the viewer into buying one of their products.


Value:Relative lightness or darkness of a color.  This picture has different shades of the same color.


Shape: A 2D area enclosed by lines or curves.  The first two shapes are enclosed by lines and the last two shapes are enclosed by curves.


Form:A 3D volume or solid, often implied on a 2D surface by careful use of value.  In this picture there are four 3D shapes placed on a 2D background.


Space is evident in images and shows depth.  This type of depth is cramped and busy, there are fish at the bottom of the picture and birds at the top.


Texture is the way the surface looks or feels.  These rocks look rough so they show a darker color and absorb more light.


Balance is the distribution of elements with a design or equal spacing of objects.  There are three types, symmetrical, asymmetrical, and radial. In this picture the object is symmetrical.


Emphasis is a picture that is used to draw attention to one area.  It can be achieved through size, placement, shape, contract, and use of lines.  In this photo the tree is the part that is being emphasized.  


Contrast is the degree of relative difference between elements.  In this photo the two glasses are perceived differently even though they are the same. 


Rhythm is the use of repeated line, shape, color, texture, or pattern.  The four types are regular, random, gradated, and graduated.  In this picture the pattern of yellow, blue, green, red is the showing of rhythm.


Proportion is the relative size of one object in comparison to another. The size of the circle increases as it moves to the left.


Unity is the consistent use of design elements.  This picture uses the same design and color for everyone in the picture.


Economy is the use of the bare minimum of elements.  This photo shows it by not using any background except the simple blue color. 


Mass is the amount of matter in an object or the quantity of the inertia of the object.  From looking at this photo this brick looks to have a lot of mass.


Volume is the amount of 3D space occupied by an object or enclosed within a container.  In this picture you can see that the block occupies most of the space.


A prism is a solid geometric figure whose two ends are similar, equal, and parallel rectilinear figures, and whose sides are parallelograms.  All of these are true for this picture.  


A polygon is any place figure bounded by straight lines.  In this picture a hexagon is being shown with five straight sides.


Round means two or more exterior surfaces rounded at their intersections.  This picture is a 3D sphere.

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