The Upset Octopus

Created by: Max Thurman & Sean Cornejo

      We experimented mathematically when we put r=4 sin 4 theta. It had 8 legs, reminding us of an octopus. From there we proceeded and created an octopus through making a head with r=7 sin theta. From there we wanted to add some swagger to it so we added a bow using r = square root 4 cos 2 theta. Through these simple equations we created a octopus with a bow and that's how we got the upset octopus.

      While we were completing this assignment we learned that all shapes could be made through equations with quadratic functions. Once we learned what the powers had of the quadratic equation we looked up other crazy formulas and realized you could make 3 dimensional objects with these equations! We were both impressed by what quadratic equations can do!

      Sean and I had a great time doing this project! We had a blast plugging in different equations and seeing different shapes. We just want to say thank you for giving us this fun filled math project and really appreciate everything you do! You have done it once again Mrs Diester. Thank you so much!

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