Animism first started in Africa. Their main beliefs are to, warship the spirits of nature, and to warship their ancestors. How their belief affected the cultures is their great respect for nature. They have vey traditional beliefs for other cultures and they are very spiritual.


-Shintoism originated in Japan

-They warship the spirits of Kami in all things including their emperor

- They have a great respect for the natural world

-The Shinto religion has no official founder


Hinduism originated in India and ended up staying in India. The holy text of Hinduism was Vedas. The believed in reincarnation, that is when ones soul is reborn into something else until perfection is reached. They like to practice meditation. The belief affected the culture because the would try to lead a good life in order to keep moving forward in perfection


Buddhism started in India but didn't stay in India, it moved to China, Korea then Japan. But it also moved to Southeast Asia. The main belief was end your suffering by ending your desires. The Four Noble Truths were, Everyone suffers, suffering is caused by having desires, to end suffering end your desires, to end it all follow the eight fold path. It affected the cultures because they are learning to accept what life brings to them.


Taoism started in China and stayed in China. It was founded by a man named Lao- TseThe holy text was Tae Te Ching. Their main belief was follow the way of nature, they don't associate with society. It affected the culture because they weren't supposed to challenge the way of nature process.


Confucianism started in China. The holy text was Analects. They were similar to Taoism except they accept their role in society and Taoism didn't have anything to do with society. They affected their culture because they were taught to respect their elders and parents and country. Their are 5 relationships, Father->Son, Older brother->Younger brother, Husband->Wife, Ruler->Subjects and Friends = friends.


Judaism originated in the Middle East. The holy text is called Torah, 1st five books of the old testament. Their main belief was one god- monotheism and god will send a messiah to them someday. It will affect their culture because they will need to follow gods law (the 10 commandments) so the messiah will come. They live Jerusalem. Also they are Jewish.


Christianity originated in The Middle East. Its holy text were the Bible the old and new testament. Their belief is one god- monotheism, they also believe that Jesus Christ is Gods son and that he is the messiah. Christianity spread through the Roman Empire and Europe by missionaries. They believe in Trinity, the father, Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


The origin is The Middle East. The Holy Text is Qur'an. The belief is one god- monotheism, Follow the Allah all things above anything Mohammed is the messiah who spread the world of god. The Five Pillars of faith was required to be known by all Muslims, 1. Must attempt to make a pilgrimage (Holy Trip) to the holy city of Mecca at least once in your life. 2 Must pray 5 times a day facing Mecca. 3. Must fast (go with out food or drink) from sunrise to sunset during the holy month of Ramadan 4.Must give to charity 5. Must recite each day: "There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet."

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