The Hobbit

By: Alexis, Cheyenne, Maria


     The Hobbit, is a book by J.R.R Tolkien.This story takes place is many different settings. This book has a variety of characters. There are many kinds of creatures such as goblins, elves, dwarves,hobbits,and trolls. The main character is a hobbit names Bilbo Baggins. In this tackk you will experince the journey of an unexpected hero, and the many places, and creatures he along with his other companions met. You will learn about their quest to find Smaug the drangon, and gain back their gold that was stolen by Smaug.



- Hobbiton: Where Bilbo Baggins lives.

- Rivendell: A valley near Misty Mountains.

-Misty Mountains: A mountain range that goes north and south. You have to go through this mountain range in order to go to the Lonely Mountain where Smaug lives.

-Dale: A town in the Lonely Mountains.

-Mirkwood: The forest in Misty Mountains. It is dark, and full of evil creatures.

-Lonely Mountain: The place where Smaug lives.

-Esgaroth: The town where Bilbo and the dwarves stop before the end of their journey.


-Hobbit: little people, smaller then dwarves; no beards; little-no magic, except everyday sort-helps to disappear quietly & quickly; likely to be fat; no shoes, their feet grow natural leathery soles & thick warm brown hair; curly hair; long brown fingers; good-natured faces; deep laugh

-Snapdragon: a plant of the figwort family; bearing spikes of brightly colored 2-lobed flowers that gape like a mouth when a bee lands on the curved lips

-Laburnums: small European tree; hanging clusters of yellow flowers

-Scuttled: short hurried run

-Morsel: small piece/amount of food

-Plumped: set/sit down heavily/unceremoniously; shake/pat to adjust stuffing; make it rounded/soft

-Throng: large, densely packed crowd of people/animals

-Uncanny: strange/mysterious

-Provisions: supply with food, drink, or equipment, especially for a journey.

-Lamenting: mourning a loss or death

-Palpitating: a noticeably rapid, strong, or irregular heartbeat due to agitation, exertion, or illness; shake/tremble

-Buffeted: (of misfortunes or difficulties) afflict or harm (someone) repeatedly or over a long period.

-Antiquated: old-fashioned or out-dated

-Inquisitive: curious or inquiring (showing an interest in learning new things)


Bilbo Baggins~ The hobbit.He is also a bulgar, and the main character.

Gandalf~ The wizard. He is the one who helped set up their expedition.

Smaug~ Smaug is the dragon of Lonely Mountain. He is the biggest antagonist of the story. He was also the one who stole the treasure.

Thorin~ Thorin Oakenshield the son of Thror the king under the Mountain. He is the leader of the dwarves.

The other dwarves:

*Dwalin~ Younger brother to Balin

*Balin~ Was in Dale the day the dragon attacked; older brother to Dwailin

*Kili~ Nephew of Thorin; brother of Fili; younges of dwarves

*Fili~ Nephew of Thorin; brother of Kili; youngest of dwarves

*Dori~ The strongest dwarf; helped Bilbo 3 times (if he didn't Bilbo would have died); cousin to Nori and Ori

*Nori~ Cousin to Ori and Dori

*Ori~ Cousin to Nori and Dori

*Oin~ Brother of Gloin

* Gloin~ Brother of Oin

*Bifur~ Cousin to Bofur and Bomfur

*Bofur~ Cousin to Bifur and Bombur

*Bombur~ Cousin to Bifur and Bofur

William~ Leader of the trolls; Tom, and Bert

Elrond~ The old elf that reads the moon map to the adventurers that no one had noticed before.

Great Goblin~ The leader of the goblins in Misty Mountains.

Gollum~ The creature that Bilbo meets when he gets lost in the tunnels of Misty Mountains.

Beorn~ The character who gives the adventures food, supplies, and advice when they go to his house.

Elvenking~ The king of the elves.

Master of The Town~ The leader of Esgaroth.

Bard~ The character who slays Smaug when he aims, and shoots his arrow on Smaug's weak spot that he learned from the thrush.

Roac~ Raoc is the raven that informs Thorin that Smaug had died, and that since it was Bard who killed him that they were coming to get a share of the gold.

The Thrush~ The bird that overhears Bilbo talking about the dragons weak spot, and tells Bard about it.

Dain~ Thorin's cousin.

Lord of the Eagles~ The leader of the eagles who help rescue Bilbo, the dwarves, and Gandalf from the burning trees. They later help fight the goblins, and wargs.

Plot & Analysis:

The book starts off with Bilbo Baggins in his hobbit hole. Bilbo is visited by the Great Gandalf who he then invites to tea the next day. As tea time arrives the next day Bilbo forgets about inviting Gandalf until there was a visitor at the door. Bilbo then is surprised by the dwarves at the door. Bilbo is then invited to go on an adventure with the dwarves and Gandalf. Bilbo finally decides to go. They set off on their adventure to get back the dwarves treasure from under the Lonely Mountain that the dragon Smaug as been keeping. Shortly after their journey begins three trolls capture the dwarves, Bilbo and Gandalf they then trick the trolls into staying out until the sun comes, and they defeat the trolls. There next stop was in Rivendell ruled by the great Elrond. After leaving Rivendell the group they must cross the Misty Mountains. They have to find shelter from a snowstorm. Goblins thenw take the group captive and they lose Bilbo. He wanders the tunnels finding a magic ring and having to defeat Gollum with riddles.  The group meets up and begin to continue their journey when evil wolves called Wargs hunt the group and are saved by a group of great eagles and Beorn. They then must travel alone through Mirkwood where they are captured by giant spiders then by wood elves. Bilbo uses the ring to escape. They use barrels to float down river then arrive at Lake-Town. Bilbo then sneaks into the mountain and talks to the dragon, Smaug. Smaug becomes enraged to find that Bilbo has taken a two-handled cup. He flies to burn down Lake-Town where Bard is waiting to kill Smaug now that he knows about the weak spot on the dragon. Bard was not quick enough in defeating the dragon, and Smaug does burn down Lake-Town. Humans and elves march to get their share of the treasure where Thorin refuses to share. Then goblins and wargs march to fight the dwarves. The dwarves, humans and elves must work together to defeat the goblins. The battle was won with the help or Beorn and the great eagles. After defeating the goblins Gandalf and Bilbo return to Hobbiton where Bilbo continues to live.

Conclusion & Theme:

The theme of the hobbit is good versus evil because there are those that are good such as the dwarves, Gandalf, Bilbo, Bard, and others.Then there are evil characters such as the wargs, the goblins, and Smaug. The conclusion of the hobbit is that later Bilbo returns to his home, he is more adventurous, and he has more money then he had before.