Teacher Work Sample

Fall 2013


  • Rock Quarry Middle School
  • Tuscaloosa City School System
  • ELLs & IEPs
  • The classroom
  • Mystery Novel- The Westing Game

Learning Goals

  • Accurately define, identify, and utilize dialogue; recognizing its purposes and incorporating it into their own writing for these purposes.
  • Exhibit ability to both recognize a shift in point of view while reading and write from a perspective other than their own.
  • Analyze what text says explicitly as well as draw inferences from the text in order to analyze character in both fiction and nonfiction.

Assessment Plan

  • Pre-assessment of prior knowledge
  • Frequent informal assessments throughout the unit
  • List of standards to be covered within the unit for students-including discussion of the standards
  • Accomodate summative assessment administration according to students' needs

Unit Design

  • Review pre-assessments and determine areas of strength/areas for improvement (text-based evidence vs. inferences, dialogue, perspective)
  • 3rd person omniscient- extra lessons on concepts in which we saw gaps
  • ELL accomodations

Student Achievement

  • Class average for Practice= 87.52
  • Mastery for Practice= 92%
  • Class average for Assessment= 91.76
  • Mastery for Assessment= 96%

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