The Fantasy Commission 2014 Draft Lottery

August 9, 2014 – Streetsboro

The board is all set in reverse order of the 2013 standings. Reigning King, Jon Von Bologna with a 1% chance at the top pick; the Sky Clouds have the best shot.

Tensions & trash talk are at a high as My Ditka Her Butkus gets Thicketburn to #rage

The Dead Birds man the lotto board as we get underway in Streetsboro for the 2014 lottery! And the #12 pick goes to.... The Douche(bags)!

Predictions are in for #11. Darf Box thinks it's going to be the Dead Birds... but I think the lottery gods have another idea.

12: Dade Co. 11: Darf Box. 10: KFC Karaokee. 10: Thicketburn!? He had the second-best chance at the #1 pick! Lots of downward movement thus far as the Commish declares this the #CrashLottery ... or was that Trash lottery?

Favre Dollars gets #8.
Then, with the Birthday luck on their side the Dead Birds reveal the #7 pick...

Finally Von Bologna is revealed; He jumps 6 spots to #6; Toledo gets the #5 pick. And Team BEER moves up a couple to #4...

It all comes down to the final three:

– Sky Clouds 15.3%
– My Ditka Her Butkus 5.1%
– Slick Nicholas 2.5%

And the #1 picks goes to ...
My Ditka Her Butkus!