Here Ye, Here Ye!

the fantasy draft lottery has summoned ye

You are formally invited to the Fantasy Commission Draft Lottery

The fantasy draft lottery is a top secret event. You must tell no one you were invited ... it's kinda like fight club without the fighting.

This invite is +1. You may bring a guest. You will not be provided dinner. You will not be provided snacks. You will not be provided cash or donuts either. Hors d'oeuvres may be provided, those sound much classier (and this event is classy as shit). Dress attire is leisure-casual.

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

Lottery Rankings by Top Percent

1 Sky Clouds
2 Baby Centipedes
3 Toledo Gametime Cupcakes-atron
4 KFC Karaokee
5 Darf Box
6 Team BEER
7 Dade Co Douchebags
8 Favre Dollars
10 Dead Birds
11 Slick Nicks
12 Von Bologna

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7 people are going
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Jon Bennett (+5) 3 years ago

Skype me baby one more time.

The Commissioner Organizer

I'll be wearing my best wife-beater.

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