Iron Football Championship

The Iron Football Championship & Katy Perry Trophy Belt
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To the winner will go this league's grand prize purse, a year's worth of bragging rights, & the Katy Perry Iron Football Championship Trophy Belt

Awarded the the League Champion. Each winner will have their name forever inscribed on the Katy Perry Trophy Belt. They get to spend a year basking in the glory of the its presence. This prestigious honor also includes an open invitation to add your own piece to the trophy.

Trophy Additions:

2010, Team BEER: Katy Perry's bewbs (and her head)
2011, Falco Punch: Shane Falco as the Flash
2012, Sky Clouds: One Metro-mix glove. Nailed to the trophy, ala Willy Mays Hayes
2013, Von Bologna Hates Emo City: Jabbawockeez Mask
2014, Team BEER: Bottle


2015 Iron Football Championship

Baby Centipedes meets Slick Nicholas in Championship Game

Baby Centipedes take their first playoff trip to the limit against top seed Slick Nichola in Championship Match. Cam Newton is in the league's Championship for the 4th straight time. And he's won them all so far. The Slicks are making their second appearance in the Title Game. Last time losing to Von Bologna just 2 years ago.

The Centipedes are rubbing the Bennett βˆ† for luck β€” in fact, a member of the Bennett βˆ† is making a Championship appearance for the 3rd straight year (won both).

Hot scoring Centipedes scored 120+ each of the past 3 weeks β€” nearly breaking a playoff record with 144 last week.

Slick Nicks in their 5th straight playoffs, 2nd championship in 3 years. The top seed, with a record-setting 11 wins.



Previous Winners:


Iron Football Championship Game History


Slick Nicholas Ice Centipedes to Claim the Trophy Belt!
After 5 straight seasons in the playoffs, winning scoring titles and top seeds, the Slick Nicks finally ended the season with that sweet, sweet Championship champagne! Extra "slick" performances by QB Kirk Cousins & the unlikely supporting cast of Allen Robinson, Latavius Murray, & Brandin Cooks helped clinched the Trophy in a 111-74 win over the Baby Centipedes. With the loss, QB Cam Newton ends his run of 3 straight championships and the Centipedes come up just shy in their long awaited first playoffs.


Team BEER returns to glory!
After a season-long battle for the league's top spot Team BEER returned to the throne with a 93–82 big gulp over Favre Dollars. MVP Ryan Tannehill played his best game of the season leading BEER with 30 points. This victory avenged 1 of just 3 losses on the season for BEER by defeating Favre Dollars. Both team started the season hot at 5-0 but it's Team BEER who is now 5-0 all-time in the playoffs as they secured their 2nd TFC League Championship!


Von Bologna Loves Championships!
Von Bologna Hates Emo City slices up the Slick Nicks 120-104 to win the Championship! Bologna finishes at a climax with an average score 25 points/game higher in the post-season. They ran into a red-hot Slick Nick team averaging 145/game in the playoffs but Romo, Moreno & Chiefs DST didn't play up to snuff. In the end it was Nick Foles leading Bologna to the prize on Sunday Night after strong performances by DeMarco Murray, Joique Bell & Seahawks DST. Bologna's made it back to the Championship game 3 years after their first trip following 2 Loser Bowls but it's all worth it now as they hoist that perky prize!


The Year of the Sky Clouds!
Sky Clouds defeat GAMETIME 102-81 to win the league championship. RG3's team-high 15 wasn't enough for GAMETIME as they lose their 2nd straight title game. Another Holiday, another Sky Clouds-GAMETIME matchup. Cam Newton & the Sky Clouds got the best of RG3 & GAMETIME during a Thanksgiving matchup. They met again Christmas weekend for the Championship. Both players scored more than 30 in their first matchup. It was all Sky Clouds the second time around as Cam Newton got some help from Eric Decker, CJ Spiller & the Rams D/ST to win the Championship.


Falco Punch Crowned 2011 League Champs!
Falco Punch led by Tom Brady wrapped up the Championship with a 121-88 win over Megatron & The Cupcakes. Even Tebow Time couldn't save the Cupcakes with Stafford and Spiller on the bench for the big game. Flaco Punch celebrate with their first Iron Football Championship.


Team BEER wins Iron Football Championship over brother-rival Emo City!
It was a lot closer than expected as Team BEER won 75-67 to clinch the Championship Tuesday night. It came down to the final minutes as Michael Vick scored 20 points to Jeremy Maclin's 7 for Emo City. Vick rushed in for a 10-yd TD score with 10:17 remaining in the game to secure the Championship for Team BEER.