The Commissioner's Office is Hiring

The Commissioner's Office is looking for talented individuals that have a yearning to work for one of the most prestigious individuals on the planet Earth. The Commissioner is a man who graduated Magnum Cum Laudè from each of the Ivy League Schools in the United States as well as Oxford University in England & he has an honorary doctorate from the University of Havana, Cuba.

This man knows 12 languages, he's had 4 super model wives and hasn't been divorced one single time. He runs 7 real estate businesses in California, Hawaii & Rio de Janeiro and he has enough time to deliver pizza's for his #1 joint: Papa John's every Friday night from 4-8.

If you don't wanna work for him, you're a complete idiot.

Unavailable Positions

  • Commissioner:
    The Commish
    | @pasto
  • Deputy Commissioner & Reigning King:
    Jon Von Bologna | @JBennett
  • Director of Bitch Work & Ambassador of Discipline:
    Adam Marko (Her Butkus) | @oonwfndglry00
  • The President [of Team BEER]:
    Team BEER President | @schmo
  • William Sage Thicketburn, Owner:
    Thicketburn, himself | @justinbennett122

Available Positions

  • Lieutenant General of Trophy Enforcement
  • League Secretariat
  • League Ceremonies Command Post
  • Your Title Here (talented individuals have no bounds)
  • Traveling Secretary
  • Jeopardy! Clue Crew.

Will only hire from within.

REQUIREMENTS: Must be able to follow instructions.

  1. Sign up (black button in comments).
    The commish is exclusively looking for candidates who have a Tackk profile.
  2. Apply in the comments below: Your Name; Position you're applying for; Experience; What you can offer the Commish (remember he's a very distinguished man, don't bore him).
  3. Wait by your phone for the Commish to call you.

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Comment Stream

3 years ago

How many positions can I hold?


3 years ago

Mr @JBennett Von Bologna you can hold as many positions as you're able to partake in. However, please do not ask me again to have the college interns test out your new position