Loser Bowl

The Loser will be the Winner... And therefore the Loser

The bottom two teams will face off: The Loser will be the Winner; AND By Losing, they will therefore be the winner & in turn the greatest loser

Eligibility: Last Place

2015 Loser Bowl Matchup

Team BEER vs Von Bologna Meat Monsters

Team BEER wanted more coming off their second Championship, but if it wasn't for Von Bologna, BEER would be the worst team in league history. These teams combined for 3 total wins — one was W8 BEER over Bologna — and Meat Monsters haven't tasted victory since the opening week, 13 weeks ago. There are surely tiny babies learning to crawl that weren't yet born for the last Von Bologna victory.

And so, this sets up an epic Loser Bowl for the ages... The two worst teams in the history of the league meet in a rematch of Loser Bowl 2. Von Bologna trying to avoid a 3rd Loser Bowl in 5 seasons. As always, the loser is the winner and therefore this time, the ultimate, all-time loser.

Loser Bowl 5: To the Loser Goes the Can (Game Preview)

Ladies & Gentlemen... The ghost's of losers past


Famous Losers Throughout History:

"No one knows what to say in the loser's locker room."
- Muhammad Ali

Loser Bowl History

LOSER BOWL V (2015):

Bologna out-losers BEER in Epic Matchup of Worst Teams Ever
The two worst teams in league history collide in an epic loser bowl battle and rematch of Loser Bowl 2... The Von Bologna Meat Monsters won W1 & then lost-out to claim an unprecedented THIRD Loser Bowl title. They lost (and therefore won) by 10 points led, fittingly, by Loser Bowl and season long MVP – CJ Anderson and his 0 points. Von Bologna, the ultimate loser - surely tiny babies are learning to crawl that weren't yet born the last time Von Bologna tasted victory.


Cupcakes End Terrible Season with Loser Bowl Title
Darf Box finally put the Cupcakes out of their misery with a 119-70 Loser Bowl beat down. The Cupcakes use 8 different QBs during a horrific 3-win season capped off with a loss (and therefore win) in the Loser Bowl. MVP Josh Gordon scored 1.5 points bringing his season total up to 21.


One Trophy to Another for Commish's Clouds
Following their championship season the Sky Clouds were crowned King Loser with a 101-90 loss (and therefore win) in Loser Bowl 3. MVP Patriots D/ST scored -3.5 as the Clouds allowed the Baby Centipedes, TB Bucs & a man named BenJarvus Green-Ellis to defeat them. Good news for the Clouds this 9th straight loss will be their last one this season.


Emo City Can't Avoid 2nd Straight Loser Bowl Title
PASSWORD IS JOE jumped on a defeated Emo City in a bullying 103-80! The loss (and therefore win) gives "Von Bologna Hates Emo City" their 2nd straight loser bowl title. MVP Jeremy Kerley kept the tradition alive scoring 0.7-point becoming the 2nd straight MVP with less than 1 point. The one shining moment was Emo City leaving 0 points on the bench. That's due to what some fans are calling the "Von Bologna" Massacre as he cut every bench player before the game.

LOSER BOWL I (2011):

Emo City Loses (and therefore wins)
Emo City got shellacked by Darf Box 115-77 to lose (and therefore win) the Loser Bowl. MVP Dexter McCluster contributed 0.1 point for Emo City.

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It's a tough time for all who shall fight this battle. But everyone must lose (and therefore win). Losing grows a man stronger. Winning is better.