Papa John's Bowl

"The Grand Papa of Them All"

The winner will receive a $25 Papa John's gift card worth $11.02

Eligibility: Don't suck

2016 Papa John's Bowl Matchup

Slick Nicholas vs Baby Centipedes

A Rematch of the 2015 Championship Game — Baby Centipedes & Slick Nicholas have tough years following their seasons that went the distance. Slick Nicks had a Championship hangover from the start, losing their 1st three games. They went back-n-forth all year but in the end unable to defend their Championship as they miss the playoffs for the first time in 6 seasons. Baby Centipedes played angry & hungry to get back to the playoffs. They started 7-1 in position to coast into the playoffs as the favorite... And then catastrophe. Centipedes lost 5 straight to end the season. Including in Week 13 vs these very Slick Nicks 125-101 in a match where a win would have clinched a playoff berth for Baby Centipedes.

  • Slick Nicholas making 1st ever Bowl appearance
  • Baby Centipedes 2nd Papa Johns Bowl (1-1)

With Halftime Show: Madonna!

Papa John's Bowl History


Papa Nick Gets a Slick Win Over Centipedes
A Championship Game rematch between Slick Nicholas & Baby Centipedes had a similar outcome as the Nicks get the better of the Centipedes yet again. After starting 7-1 Baby Centipedes miss the playoffs and lost their bowl game to Slick Nicholas — making their 1st ever bowl appearance after 5 straight playoff runs. Led by Tom Brady, Papa Nick trashed the Centipedes 106-48


Darf Box blasts Finger Blasters – Claim bragging rights in Consolation Bowl
Twas a disappointing end to the season for these teams having narrowly missed a playoff berth. Resulting in a bittersweet bowl bashing as Darf Box destroy the Finger Blasters behind Fitzpatrick, DeAngelo Darf Box, Lacy & Baldwin... Pick any 3, they outscored the entire Blasters team. Darf Box gets the rubber match & the hardware as these teams split match-ups in the regular season, effectively blocking each other from the playoffs. Darf Box becomes a 2-time Papa Johns winner, previously winning PJB2.


Centipedes Finally Win Something
Baby Centipedes vs MDHB — Baby Centipedes played like they had nothing to lose (because they already lost it all in W13). They suffocate My Ditka in Her Butkus's first bowl game by score of 77-68. "TD" TY Hilton led the team with 25 points. Perhaps Hilton's greatest accomplishment was not scoring the GW TD in the PJ Bowl – rather it was the GW TD vs the Browns forcing Hoyer out & Manziel in.


BEER Completes Bowl Trifecta!
Team BEER v Darf Box — Team BEER becomes the first team to win every bowl game (including championship) as they route Darf Box 128 - 106. Drew Brees & Josh Gordon lead the quest for pizza. Darf Box made all the right moves but was unable to defend the PJ Bowl title despite a goose-egg from the BEER Flex.


Birds kill Dead Birds
Darf Box defeats Dead Birds
NFL-high 44 points for the Seahawks DST felt like 47 for Darf Box with the Texans (-3) for the Dead Birds. Darf Box denied Dead Birds a repeat despite just 14 points from #1 overall pick Aaron Rodgers.


DEAD BIRDS win the inaugural Papa John's Bowl
Dead Birds defeat Baby Centipedes

Aaron Rodgers & Michael Bush tried to rally the BABY CENTIPEDES late ... but big days from MVP Antonio Gates, Larry Fitzgerald, Mason Crosby & the Lions D/ST helped the DEAD BIRDS win the inaugural Papa John's Bowl 126-105.