TFC: Rivalry Week

Week 8 – Rivalries Renewed

Rivalry Matchups

Dead Birds vs Darf Box

Record: 6-5 Darf Box

This inter-marital rivalry dates back to the league's inaugural week in 2010. The Dead Birds won the first two, then Darf Box won 2, then Dead Birds won 2, the Darf won 2... Very, very streaky. School kids still tell stories of how Dead Birds dropped 150 on Darf Box back in 2013. However, Darf Box holds the hardware with the win in PAPA JOHNS BOWL II.

Streak: Darf Box W1

Baby Centipedes vs Sky Clouds

Record: 7-4 Centipedes

Another rivalry dating back to the league's inaugural week in 2010. This rivalry culminated in the 2013 season LOSER BOWL III where the Centipedes literally handed the Sky Clouds the Loser Bowl Soup Can Trophy.

Streak: Sky Clouds W1

Team BEER vs Emo City Cutters

Record: 8-3 BEER

The brother vs brother rivalry dates back to 2010 when the Cutters drew first blood. Since then, Team BEER rattled off 5 straight including the league's first Championship & handing the Cutters the LOSER BOWL II loss (and therefore win). But it was Von Bologna's revenge in Rivalry Week 2014 defeating the undefeated Team BEER.

Streak: BEER W2

Slick Nicholas vs KFC Karaokee

Record: 5-5

Since 2010 Simon vs Simon has always been a close match. Only their first matchup was decided by more than 15 points. Slick Nicholas took the first 3 matchups but KFC Karaokee has come back to take the next 3 and tie the all-time series until Slicks broke the tie in 2015.

Streak: Slick Nicholas W1

Dade Co Douchebags vs Then I Found Favre Dollars

Record:  5-5

Imitation is a sincere form of flattery but these two teams take it to another level. Their all-time league records are 1-game from being identical; They each made it to the playoffs with 3 combined appearances & zero total wins. They aren't brothers, but they play like they are.

Streak: Bandits W3

Toledo's Gametime Cupcakes vs Marko Ditka Her Butkus

Record:  6-3 My Ditka Her Butkus

It was loathe at first sight ever since Megatron & the Cupcakes entered the league in 2011. The level of trash talking in this rivalry is off the charts. Their previous two battles were decided by a total of 3 points, both won by MDHB to tie & take the series lead. The most recent battle was a 25-point 3-rd win in a row for the Ditkas

Streak: MDHB W1