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Trades Fire Up Playoff Contenders

Sky Clouds, Baby Centipedes, & Von Bologna make moves toward playoffs

Andrew Luck threw 4 TDs & led the Colts to 4 more Adam Vinatieri FGs for the Sky Clouds in W9

The Sky Clouds were led once again by the league's leading scorer, Andrew Luck as they secured their 6th win in a late blowout. Baby Centipedes put together a winning streak while squashing one. Don't call it a comeback for Von Bologna! Actually, do call it a comeback – a late-night MNF comeback win!

Favre Dollars. They're Number One! They seriously solidified their spot as the league's Numero Uno becoming the only team with 8 wins. Mr. Slick Nicks keeps the pressure on the rest of us. While My Ditka and Her Butkus keep the hope alive!

Trade Winds Are Blowing Swiftly:

The Sky Clouds landed Megatron, Calvin Johnson for a playoff run. Thicketburn needed a RB so they got a stable one in Shane Vereen who is already 1-0 on the Baby Centipedes. And Von Bologna finally pulled off a deal for Ahmad Bradshaw.

"Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate."

Week 9 Awards

POW POW MFKRS! The Clouds entered MNF down 16 & woke up on Tuesday 50 POINT WINNERS. 4th round pick Andrew Luck continues to lead the league in scoring and will soon be teamed up with Calvin Johnson.

Hey that was a sweet draft pick with Jermey Hill. Some nice keeper potential. Except – But – Kinda the only game where he gets 100% of the carries and you benched him... Nice loss, sir.

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Cash Money Prize Payouts

League Champion: $400
2nd Place: $150
3rd Place: $50

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