Greetings peasants, this is your Director of Bitchwork filling in for the Commish for this week's awards from a freshly downloaded Tackk app. Commish will resume his regular weekly duties as soon as he emerges from his pumpkin beer rampage.  In the meantime, LET'S RECAP!

League leader heading in to week 10, Favre Dollars was looking for an easy win going against league cellar dwellers. Turns out Favre came up more than a few dollars short getting blown out by the now Megatronless, Megatron cupcakes.

This loss left the door open for birthday boy Team BEER, and he capitalized by beating the Dead Birds and pulling into a tie for the leagues best record at 8-2.

This was not the only loss suffered in the Bockwich household this weekend as the Nicks used all their slickness to smash Darf's Box by more than 60 points.

I was not the only one who beat My Ditka this week as the Baby Centipedes and that bastard Greg Olsen did just enough in a Monday Night Football nail biter. I blame Steve Perry.

In a battle of the fast food conglomerate teams, the KFC Karaoke used all 12 of its secret herbs and spices to send the Von Bologna Footlongers home with a loss.


The Wet Bandits were on the receiving end of some tragic news late Saturday with the apparent death of Macaulay Culkin. Turns out it was just a crazy rumor perpetuated by Kevin McCallister himself. But like a tool chest rolling down the stairs, so too did the Wet Bandits roll behind monumental efforts of Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch as they single handedly accounted for nearly 450 yards of total offense and 5 rushing touchdowns. That kind of effort is rewarding of this week's Sunshine Cup.


On the other end of that tool chest were the Sky Clouds. With top fantasy quarterback, Andrew Luck, on the shelf with a bye, the Clouds handed the reigns over to Joe Flacco who struggled mightly against the Tennessee Titans. Yes. The Titans. With only 169 pass yards and one 4th quarter passing touchdowns, Flacco's inept performance set the tone for an all around poor performance from the Clouds and for that they are this week's Poppycock recipients.


This selection proved to be much more difficult as there were so many great tweets to choose from. Team BEER and MDHB joined forces against the Baby Centipedes for a Steve Perry bombing, or the hilarious tweet where Favre Dollars was hoping for a breakout game from Jay Cutler.  After much deliberation, your tweet of the week is brought to you by my future ex wife, Ms. Jessica Nigri. No she's not in the League but these are my weekly awards and I have the power.  

Stay tuned for more Fantasy Football news and wait to see if the Commish can stay away from the Pumpkin Beer long enough to return to work next week. Director of Bitchwork, signing off.

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