Al Capone and the St. Valentine's Day Massacre

The Details

On February 14, 1929 four of Capone's men entered a garage dressed as police officers. Greeted by rival gang members, Capone's men forced them to face the wall will their hands in the air. Being fooled by the faked police uniforms the rival gang members complied. However, as the rivals gang member's backs were turned, Capone's men fired 150 total shots into the seven men facing the wall. Of these seven men, six of them were killed. Although it is to be beileved that Al Capone staged this massacre, he was never conviced for punished due to the lack of evidence.

The Mystery

The mystery to be solved is "Was Al Capone involved?"


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The victims of this horrific crime are the seven rival gang members who were shot at.

The Suspects

There were many suspects including the four men who were involving in the shooting, but the main man the police were looking for was Al Capone.

The Evidence

There was a very good amount of evidence left behind considering the nature of the crime. There were gun shells scattered around the floor and there were eye witness testimonies.

The Proposed Narator

One of the men who were involved in the shooting.

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