The Fault in Our Stars

By: Chez'lene Cornwall

The Fault in Our Stars is a book written by John Green and was published in 2012. The movie came out in June 2014.

The Fault in Our stars book

I believe these songs represent The Fault in Our Stars.



I am confused by why Hazel sold her swing set. It had a lot of sentimentality to it and I think she might regret it one day because she had memories connected to it. I feel like one day she will wake up and want to see the swing set and she’ll realize it’s no longer hers. (Page 124)

I think Hazel is trying to push Augustus away because she doesn't want to hurt him. She doesn't want to get into a relationship with him, then die and leave him hurting and alone. Hazel knows that his girlfriend Caroline died from brain cancer and it probably hurt him a lot. She doesn't want to put him through that again.

I feel sorry for Hazel because she seems to really like Gus, but is pushing him away. I think by her pushing him away, it’s hurting both of them because you only live once and Hazel doesn't know how much she has left. (Pages 101 & 102)

I identify with Isaac, because I really feel for him. He seemed to have loved this girl a whole lot and expected her to be there when he was going through the hardest part of his teenage life. He was heartbroken and upset because she said they would be forever., but she broke up with him because she couldn't handle it.

I can understand Gus, because of how he handled the situation with his recurrence of cancer. I’m am actually glad that he told Hazel after they enjoyed their trip to Amsterdam. If he would have told her before, she wouldn't have been able to enjoy the trip. I understand that it was hard for him to tell her that and it killed me a bit when I imagined him looking up at the sky and clenching his teeth. (Page 213; Chapter 13)

I feel bad for Augustus, because he wants to do things on his own so bad that he will hurt himself in the process. I think trying to do things on your own, when deep down you know you can’t is another side effect of dying. Though I've never been in his position, I can somewhat understand him. (Page 243)

John Green first creates suspense on page 172, when Hazel had leaned into Gus and he winced in “obvious pain.” I hadn't realized it was foreshadowing until a few chapter later. When Gus had explained about his recurrence of cancer, I realized it was subtly implied earlier in the book.

I know why Augustus’ mother didn't let Hazel see him when he was admitted into the hospital. She realized Gus was sick and that, they needed to be a family for a while before they lose him. She said that they were stopping the Chemotherapy, so that means there was nothing they could do to help him. I also think Gus didn't want her seeing him like that.

I think Hazel will go to the funeral and continue to mourn Augustus. Maybe at the end of the book it will be in the future and Hazel will say she will never forget him and that he will always have a place in her heart.

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Favorite Quotes

“As he read, I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.”

“Oh, I wouldn't mind, Hazel Grace. It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you.”

“The world is not a wish-granting factory.”

“I’m on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend.”

“There is no shortage of fault to be found amid our stars.”

“You have a choice in this world, I believe, about how to tell sad stories, and we made the funny choice.”

“Only now that I loved a grenade did I understand the foolishness of trying to save others from my own impending fragmentation: I couldn't unlove Augustus Waters. And I didn't want to.”

“Some infinities are bigger than other infinities.”

“You say you’re not special because the world doesn't know about you, but that’s an insult to me. I know about you.”

“I’m in love with you, and I’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things.”

You don't get to choose if you get hurt in this world, old man, but you don get to chose who hurts you."



0:00 All Of The Stars – Ed Sheeran

3:55 Let Me In – Grouplove

7:55 Not About Angels – Birdy

11:15 Boom Clap – Charli XCX

14:07 All I Want – Kodaline

19:10 Strange Things Will Happen – The Radio Dept

23:41 Long Way Down – Tom Odell

26:08 Wait – M83

31:51 Simple As This – Jake Bugg

35:10 While I’m Alive – STRFKR

38:59 Without Words – Ray LaMontagne

43:16 Tongue Tied – Grouplove

46:50 Bomfallarella – Afasi & Filthy

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