Everything is a remix

This is a series about basically what is copying and what happens when you copy.

Now that I have watch the series I have learned that That there is no such thing as copying. Ideas are based on information from others and are the basis of creation. The series also has lots of important terms that I have learn like...

  • intellectual property
  • social evolution
  • LUCA
  • Patents
  • Copyrights

Due to copying, the world will evolve and have different inventions that will effect society in a big way. For example, the cell phone has evolved over the last few years due to the development of new technology based on the inspiration of others. Now the Apple and Android has created the cell phone to work as a mini computer.

In my opinion copying shouldn't be a problem unless you just copy the entire song. Everything in the world is based on something else so copying is irrelevant. People just using copying as a way to make money, nothing more and nothing less.

Some inventions and ideas that were completely stolen were...

  • Apple Stole Xerox' GUI and Mouse
  • Star Wars stole many ideas from the movie Message From Space

The title Everything is a Remix is very true. There is no such thing as originality.

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