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If you’re looking to make money online, or even if you just want to increase the profits ofyour existing instant product lab review ; creating an ecommerce store is an excellent strategy. Scratch that:this is 100% the best way to make money online and that goes for hobbyists, entrepreneurs,bloggers and small businesses alike.Bold claim? Sure is! But read on to find out why we can be confident in making it.So just what is ecommerce? Of course the term refers to online commerce: i.e.

sellingproducts online.But while ecommerce could mean selling an ebook from a landing page, it is most oftenused to refer more exclusively to online shops that sell multiple products and that have aparticular layout and set-up. The most popular example of an ‘ecommerce store’ isundoubtedly Amazon.

This acts just like a high street store and allows you to browseproducts at your leisure and add them to a shopping cart. The only difference is that you cando all this from the comfort of your home and once you check out, the products are thesimply delivered to you wherever you are.It’s a familiar concept, but what makes it so important? Why Ecommerce is the Future #1 Ecommerce is GrowingThe first thing you need to recognize is that ecommerce is growing.

In the early days, peoplewere uncertain about spending money online and found that it was daunting handing overtheir card details and trusting in a supplier that they couldn’t meet face to face. But now look at companies like instant product lab review and eBay. These are household names around theworld and everyone from the young and tech savvy to the elderly are now happy to shopwith them.

These companies have helped many people to put aside any concerns theymight have had regarding ecommerce and to trust in buying online.And ecommerce is growing as well doing massive business.For proof, you need look no further than stats from ‘Cyber Monday’. Cyber Monday is anational holiday of sorts where online retailers are anticipated to lower their prices.

Itfollows Black Friday but these days it tends to do nearly as much business – and it’s growing rapidly.For example, in 2014 Cyber Monday created a total of $2.59 billion sales online. That’s nosmall number but in 2015 this was increased to $3.19 billion. That’s a huge increase. $2.28billion of these were on desktop (versus $2.04 billion last year) while $838 million werethrough mobile devices (versus $548 million).Across all devices, Cyber Monday increased by 21% from last year!Seeing as Amazon is probably the best known online retailer, how is its growth going? Well,the company sold a total of $107.01 billion worth of products in 2015. The companyemployees 230,800 and there are 304 million active Amazon customer accounts.

The brandis worth $47.73 billion and this is only expected to continue to grow as well.The story is the same across the instant product lab review . People are becoming more and more familiar withecommerce and highstreet stores are struggling. This is undoubtedly the future of sellingand it’s easy to see why. #2 It’s ConvenientSo what is it that has led to such growth in ecommerce? Well, the simple fact of the matteris that online sales benefit everyone.

The only reason online sales haven’t already dwarfedphysical sales is probably the fact that some people still don’t trust shopping online or aren’tsure how to go about it. Over time this concern will be eroded more and more – while toolslike PayPal will make it easier and safer than ever before.


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