Karl Marx:The Evolution of Communist Theory Overtime

Communism: Property=publicly owned by people and divided for everyone's needs.

First coined in Paris then changed by Marx's Ideas

Communism is "competitive" towards Capitalism.

Communism=Safety belt after Failure of Russia.

Effects of Industrial Revolution: As population increased, more and more people search in factories for jobs. during this time, Britain became very crowded in this phase. There were harsh working conditions for the workers. British Parliament passes Combination Acts(=Workers were not allowed to unionize, or combine, as a group to ask for better working conditions.) and eventually caused major problems for some workers. Most unemployed workers were strong, fit, and able to do work; thus making thing unfair to the unemployed. "In the first half of the 19th century, urban overcrowding, poor diets, poor sanitation, and essentially medieval medical remedies all contributed to very poor public health for the majority of English people." (http://webs.bcp.org/sites/vcleary/ModernWorldHistoryTextbook/IndustrialRevolution/IREffects.html).

Marx's Historical Context:  Respected Utopian Socialists.

"The theory of Communism may be summed up in one sentence: Abolish all private property."

Vladimir Lenin:Communism Evolved

The New Economic Policy mixed socialism and capitalism.

~Allowed peasants to sell crops instead of turning it over to the government.

Lenin liked the idea of capitalism, but wanted to change it up making it fair for everyone.  Although his Ideas had potential, he was very strict. He put most people lives on the edge. He "gave them a little push." He wanted to make his own type of communism encapsulating capitalism with his ideas;  therefore changing Stalin's point of view later changing the idea that communism could be modified to an extent.

"Peace, Land, and Bread."

Promoted Communism

"The goal of socialism is communism."

Mao Zedong:Inspired by Marx's idea

~"Mandate of Heaven"  Communists began to tighten powers after seizing control of China. They set up two parallel organizations called the Communist party and the National Government ; just like the Soviets. Mao had control of both until 1959.

~Ideas of Marxist Socialism     Zedong wanted to restructure China into Marxist Socialist policies.most of the 80 percent who lived in rural areas, had no land. 10 percent con3trolled seventy percent of the farmland. Mao created a law called The Agrarian Reform Law which allowed him to take control of landlords areas. Mao made a five-year plan (Just like Stalin did) setting up provisional goals for the production of coal, cement, steel, and electricity; increasing dramatically by 1957.

~The Great Leap Forward    Mao proclaimed the five year plan to be called The Great Leap Forward.  He wanted large communes. China faced external problems including internal problems within the 1950's. Thus starting the Cultural revolution shutting town colleges and schools.

"Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy."

The Backlash against Communism

From many points of views, all fears and anxieties had one focus; the Red Menace called Russia. "

Communism threatened to bring economic, political, and social chaos to a people who longed for stability. This was not the first time the Red Menace had played on people's fears. Right after the Russian Revolution in 1917, some leaders in the union movement had experimented with communism. There had been a backlash against communism then, and there was again during the 50s."

Humanizing Communist news

China's former red guards turn their backs on Maoism:  Red guards started stigmatizing teachers and cadres as class enemies during criticism sessions. Thus breaking trust and abusing their authority. The Vice principal Bian Zhongyun was held prisoner for "vicious" acts so serious for her case. Apparently , she was guilty for several "crimes" for not properly dealing with the portrait of Zedong during an earthquake .

This quote from the resource on the picture explains what her punishment was:  "On 5 August a group of pupils forced her to bang a dustbin lid and shout: "I am an advocate of the capitalist way. I am a counter-revolutionary revisionist. I deserve to be beaten." The punishment was organised by first-year girls, eager to demonstrate their revolutionary fervor. The teacher was struck from all sides with sticks and chair legs. Others kicked her."

My Point of View based on Communism

the idea of Communism to me, is trading and sharing resources with other people rather than privately owning your items. I myself prefer capitalism over communist policies. Lenin's Idea of communism to an extent of socialist and capitalist laws. However, the Idea of theoretically pushing you off a cliff staying on the edge seems a bit too much in my perspective. Communism itself is a well thought out type of foundation, yet I choose capitalism for reasons regarding myself living through this foundation for years and years to come. The plan isn't a failure, its just not a style I would prefer. Many conflicts have risen due to Communist leaders and or Communist problems, such as Mussolini, Stalin, The Cold war, and Mao Zedong. All of those factors were triggered, if not led straightly to Communism. Therefore Communism to me isn't suitable for me.

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