By Patrick Laurent

Info on China

Capital- beiigng

Population-1.57 billion

Government-single party state

Leader-Xi jinxing


GDP per capital- 3583.38

Literacy rate-95

Official language- standered mandarin

Tourist atractments

Things to do in China is look at the Great Wall of china. Try the food they have there. Also look and the cool temples that still stand.

Anti japenes war

The chines stiffened after July 7th 1937 after the clash bettween Japan and China

One chiled policy

There are many kids being abendend or killed because the country is over populated. Most of these kids are girls. There are many people trying to help with this problem.

Is my country sucsecceful.

Yes it is because if you look at something in your house it will say made in China. There are many factories in China. If you look around your house more you will see more chines things then Usa. So for that China has more factories that produce then the U.S.

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