There and Back Again...

You never know what to expect. In a small, elderly town of 200 people, Meservey, Iowa has been home. It is quiet there. Everyone knows who you are. Even more so, however, when you are the pastor's kid of the RCA (Reformed Church in America) church. I spent most of my childhood helping my father work around the church. It was in this building [pictured above] that I began a deep longing for God and to serve him and others. My favorite time of the year had always been Lent/Easter. Each year, my Dad would have me carry a homemade cross into the sanctuary. Feeling the weight and the struggle, my desire to serve grew as I held the cross. I felt as if this cross had meaning. I was correct.

Throughout my school years, I had little to no friends. These days were filled with bullying and fear. Various questions and doubts were always on the back of my mind. However, a passion to serve others, so that they would never feel the way I did consumed my life. Carrying the cross so that I may love all, including my enemies, began this unexpected journey toward seminary.

At Wartburg College, I knew that ministry was the path I needed to follow. This led me to Luther Seminary, with the support of the Wartburg College Religion Department and my own curiosity toward ecumenical relations between the ELCA and the RCA. I am currently a MDiv Senior.

Luther Seminary has given me great insight and has aided in forming questions for ministry and my own spiritual growth. Because of my schooling in the Twin Cities, I have been able to serve as seminary intern at Peace Reformed Church in Eagan, MN. This experience has been a great blessing to me as I have thrown myself headlong into the life of this church, planned curriculum, strategized at meetings, allowed myself to be vulnerable enough to grow, and traveled from Mexico to Africa all in the course of the year. These are life changing experiences that I will cherish and ponder for the rest of my life.

Looking back on my faith journey, I often compare it to the Lord of the Rings. A simple start in the "Shire" of Iowa, moving on quite an adventure to pursue my MDiv, and returning back to the Shire, as my roommates and I affectionately call our home. What journeys lie ahead? I think I am quite ready for another adventure.

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