Chester Cross of Maryland - Starting a Cover Band

A cover band is a rewarding experience to entertain music lovers and nightlife enthusiasts. If you plan to start a cover band, you should know that you are in for a lot more work than just performing. The best cover bands can play anywhere from 50-100 songs. That requires a ton of rehearsal and commitment, but the dividends and payout are extremely rewarding. Some musicians moonlight in cover bands for the money while they build up their personal songwriting material.

A cover band is a band that plays exclusively cover songs. New or unknown bands often find the format marketable for smaller venues, such as pubs, clubs or parks. The bands also perform at private events, for example, weddings and birthday parties and may be known as a wedding band, party band or function band. There is no one type of cover band. Some specialize in genres, eras and also themes. The genres range from rock, blues, and pop. Era based cover bands can be specific to a genre and timeframe of music that was popular. For example, a 70's disco band is a great fashion statement, and it's very easy to get the audience engaged.

Chester Cross of Maryland is a multi-talented musician who minored in Music at the Wayne State University with an emphasis on Music Performance. He is currently a guitar player and singer for his cover band covering top 40's hits of all eras. By trade, he is a Digital Marketing & Marketing Automation Manager who is climbing the Marketing ladder and looks to move up to an Executive Marketing role.

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