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Something I have never seen before...

  1. Stand around your table in a circle
  2. One person begins the process, and then move clockwise around the circle
  3. The 1st person shares something that he/she has never done
  4. When a person mentions something he/she has never done but you have you will earn a 'strike' against you. Three strikes and you sit down - you're out!
  5. The game is played until everyone is eliminated and one person is left standing.

What's in Your Control?


Some thoughts...

"We can empower our students through our attitudes and how we can make them feel valued. We can improve the culture in our school with how we approach learning. We are teachers of students first, and subjects second"

Before CI

CI Process

3 Key Steps:

  1. What does Success look like? What is the criteria? How will we know a student has achieved success?
  2. What is the student work telling us? How can we use student work/evidence of learning to improve teaching & learning?
  3. What actions will we take? What instructional strategy will we employ to close the gaps & raise the achievement bar?

Step 1: What Does Success Look Like?

Step 2: What is the Student Work Telling us?

Step 3: What Actions Will We Take?

What it is & What it Isn't

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