The Orphan Train

By: Christina Baker

Molly Ayer

Molly is a seventeen-year-old orphan who is living with her foster parents Ralph and Dina. Molly is a Penobscot Indian, and she puts white streaks in her hair, puts light foundation on her face to make it look very pale, and puts on tons of black eyeliner. Dina did not want Molly, unlike her foster dad Ralph. Molly had asked Dina to buy her the book "Jane Eyre." When Dina refuses to buy the book for Molly she decides to steal the most tattered one from the library. When she is caught it is either juvie or 50 hours of community service. While Dina want's to kick her out their is Molly's saving grace, Jack


When Molly had pushed everyone away with her Goth chick attire Jack tried to break through her hard exterior and invited Molly to join him and his partner, Jody. Jody was less than thrilled and afterwards she heard Jody talk about how she was freak. In retaliation Jack said " I think she's awesome," and winked at Molly. After that Molly and Jack had been good friends, which led to them becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. When Molly got in trouble he told her that he found community service for her. This is where Molly meets Vivian.


Vivian Daly

When Molly begins to help Vivian she resents the ninety-year-old woman who seems to have been rich and privileged her whole life. But after having to be with Vivian for fifty hours she begins to see her in a different light. Molly ends up having to do a project for school she finds that Vivian is actually an Irish immigrant who ended up on the orphan train after her family died in a fire. At this time Vivian's actual name is Niamh. During her time on the orphan train Niamh meets a boy named Dutch. Dutch and Niamh vow to find each other once again. After almost being raped by one of the homeowners that she lives with, her teacher takes her back to her boarding home. From there Niamh is taken in by a couple who's daughter, Vivian, had died. When Niamh is taken in they ask her to take their daughter's place and her name. Therefore Vivian is Niamh's new name. They raise her as their own and then one day Vivian goes onto the city of Minneapolis for a weekend with friends. While going into a bar the piano boy recognizes her, it was Dutchy. Dutchy went back with Vivian and they were married. Dutchy was drafted for the war when Vivian found out she was pregnant.  A man one day shows up at her door. It was one of Dutchy's friends from the army named Jim Daly. At this point Vivian has given up her baby because she couldn't bear the grief. Jim and Vivian got married and lived out the rest of their lives together. When Molly hears of this she goes to find her long lost daughter. In the meantime Molly gets in an enormous fight with Dina and is thrown out of the house. Molly goes to the only person she cant trust, Vivian. For there forward she lives with Vivian. Together Molly and Vivian are reunited with her daughter, Sarah Dunall.

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