Englewood, Chicago

Danny L., Charlie H. Period 9 1/16/14

Our neighborhood is surrounded by the neighborhood New City and Washigton Park. Some attractions are Johnson college prep, Englewood shopping center, and Kennedy-King college. The history of this neighborhood is that Derrick Rock, lil Resse, Jennifer Hudson, and Jen Charles Deneen a Chicago governor came from here. This contains some of the highest crime rates in the nation. Some of the ethnic groups are black. They make up 97.37% of the population and a small percent of white and Asian. The land was once swampy. Also there is a movie coming out about a famous serial killer from Englewood. This movie based off of The Devil and the White City. Children home and aid helps underprivileged kids.

One fun fact about Englewood is that the world famous Cheif Keef grew up here.