The Monsters are Due on Maple Street

By: Amber Doan

Flustered: Nervous or confused
Sentence: They did not want to fluster the people by announcing the news on tv.

Intense: Showing great concentration or determination
Sentence: There was an intense rivalry between the two schools.

Persistent: Refusing to give up; continuing stubbornly
Sentence: She was persistent on getting first place at the cross country meet.

Optimistic: Hopeful about the future; confident
Sentence: She tried to be optimistic about the fact that Pretty Little Liars was canceled.

Defiant: Willing to stand up to opposition; bold
Sentence: He had a defiant attitude towards the new rule at school.

Antagonism: Hostility; unfriendliness
Sentence: You could feel the antagonism in the air after the president's speech.

Incriminate: To cause to appear guilty
Sentence: The police incriminated her after knocking on the door with a warrant.

Legitimate: In accordance with accepted practices; reasonable
Sentence: They let him free after he gave a legitimate reason why there was a dead body in his house.

Idiosyncrasy: A personal way of acting; odd mannerism
Sentence: My sister has a lot of weird habits, but her main idiosyncrasy was collecting her toenail clippings.

Contorted: Twisted or pulled out of shape
Sentence: I was amazed by the contortionist act at the circus.

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