7th Grade Memories

Top Ten Favorite Things

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My favorite thing about 7th grade was camp. It was fun staying at Camp Mowana for a week. We played multiple games like ultimate Frisbee and kickball. We also had a creek/pond study where we found a small turtle. Overall, Camp was great!

Outsider's Day

Outsider's Day was a really cool way to experience the book. We dressed up like the characters from the book and played games that went along with the book. We all looked really different then normal. It was weird to see how the styles of clothes change in 40 years.

Band Concerts

The band concerts were fun and amusing for all ages. We played many styles of music that covered a very large time frame. Some of these pieces included  Echos of the Civil War which took us back to the civil was era and Beethoven's Ninth which took us back to the time of Beethoven. I loved all of my parts in the concerts. As they say in show business: "There is no such thing as a small part"!

Face Morphos

The face morphos were really fun to create. This activity went along with the book Uglies. The project gave us a chance to be creative and artsy. We had to create a face that showed both sides of beauty: the superficial and the powerful side.

The Muesum

This activity also went along with the book Uglies. We had to create a museum exhibit from the point of few of the devolving society that is in the book. I was a historian. It was really hard to create the captions to go with the "artifacts" that we "found." The other roles were builders and artisains. It doesn't matter what job you get, it is really fun.

Book Fair

The book fair was really cool. It gave us a chance to be exposed to multiple genres of books. This experience was great because it was a way to buy books at low prices.

Radio Dramas

This year we had to create a radio drama like the War of the Worlds. It was horror themed but other than that we got to be creative. After writing your drama you broght in props that would make the sound effects you wanted like drum for footsteps. Then you recorded it. It was really fun and you got listen to everyone's at the end on the project.

Student vs. Teacher Basketball Game

The game was really amusing to watch and it was fun to cheer on the 8th grade teams as they played against the teachers. I have to say that some of our teachers are better than others. Although, the scoring was a little strange and there were sometimes more than 5 teachers on the court at once everyone had a good time. the game was really close.

Peace Day Soccer Game

The soccer game was another example of how athletic our teachers really are. The female teachers took on the 7th+8th grade girls soccer team. The game was once again a crowd pleaser and sometimes it didn't make sense, but overall everyone enjoyed it. The girls even won!!!

Talent Show

It is so cool to witness a sample of the talent at Kenston Middle School. Everyone at the talent show did very well and I was surprised to see some of the people that were able to do what they did. We have a very talented group of people here at KMS!

Top Favorite Things About HELA

And Then There Were None

For our final book of the year, we read And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. It is a mystery book about a mass murder. Instead of having a traditional test that went along with it, we created a case file as our final assessment. A case file is what police detectives use to keep all the information about a certain case such as suspects and details of the crime.

IRP Projects - Book Trailer Video

For our third IRP we had to create a video trailer for our book. We used the site WeVideo to put it together. Before, we started the video we had to make a chart of all the books we read throughout the quarter. Then we picked one of those to use in our videos. My book was "The Best of Me" by Nichols. To brainstorm ideas for the video we used a chart that had all of the required parts in it. Then after filling it, we worked on our videos.

The Road of Trials

The Road of Trials was really fun. We had to get through all of the different steps of the monomyth like the call to adventure and crossing the first threshold. After completing those we had to go through a series of tasks that would be considered a road of trials such as a game of scrabble, and creating a helicopter out of Legos.

Favorite Moments in Social Studies

Medieval Knight

Medieval Knight was a night were a group of people from the SCA, the society for creative anachronism, came and showed us different kinds of armor and how people would fight in different time periods. Each person had their own crest which was on every piece of their armor. They fought with swords, mallets, etc.  It was really cool to see how they fought in medieval times and compare it to today's fighting.

Roman Legacies A to Z Project

The roman legacies project was an intriguing assignment. Each person got a letter of the alphabet and they researched a roman legacy starting with that letter. After researching you wrote a paper based on what you learned and created a PowerPoint slide as well. my letter was M and my legacy was roman medicine.

John Green Videos

The videos gave humorous and entertaining views of the history of the world. Even though they were entertaining they were very educational and provided different views to history. For example, Green showed what would have happened if the romans had not expanded so far out. He also seems to have a thing for wait for it...The Mongols!

Kahoot Games

For review before a test, we as a class would play a game of Kahoot that had questions similar to those on the test. You would see how much you need to study based on how many you got wrong on the game. Another great way to study is to visit the study guides tab on the website.

Tips to Survive in SS

1. Listen to what he is telling you. If Dr. Bates is talking about the test make sure you listen to what he is saying because it will help you do better on the test.    

2. Use the study tools. The study tools are there to help you. They have similar and sometimes the same questions as those on the test.

3. Do your homework. Your homework grades are about 50% of your total grade in social studies. If you want an easy A just do your work.

4. Participate. You get a huge amount of points for just participating in the discussion - another way to get an easy A.

5. Laugh at his jokes. As terrible as they are, just laugh it makes him feel better.

Camp Favorites

Outdoor Cooking

I don't think there was anyone who didn't like this activity. You got to make food and then eat it. First you created whatever you wanted to eat and then cooked it over the fire. It as really, really tasty!


The dance at camp will certainly be one you will remember and it may be the best one. They hire a DJ and he plays all of your favorite songs. Plus, you get to learn the dance to the song Thriller.

Creek Walk

The creek walk was surprisingly something I enjoyed. We walked through the river and looked for water creatures like salamanders and Cray fish. Plus if it is really hot it fells good to walk in the cold water

Low Ropes Course

The low ropes or challenge course is really exciting and fun. There are many different challenges that you complete with your group. It also builds trust and other important things.

Fun Cabins

The most important thing about camp is having fun and a great way to start that is by having a fun cabin. You don't want a cabin that goes to bed really early or one that wakes up really early. You want a cabin that has people you can get along with like your friends. I have to say that our cabin was pretty small so we didn't really have the space to be mad at each other. Our cabin had tons of fun listening to music and singing along too! Below is our cabin song!


It is good to look at the past for it foretells the future, but if you never look past the past you will miss the future.

Survival Tips

1. Know where your classes are so you don't get lost

2. Have your locker combination memorized before you get to school

3. Walk quickly so you get to class on time

4. Stay on the good side of your teachers. It will make good grades easy to get.


You shouldn't have to only survive middle school, you should have fun in middle school, too! :)

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Emily, looks awesome, I love your book trailer! I want to go read that book right now! Also, I hope your school year was one of the best because you certainly helped mine become absolutely amazing😊