Our trip to Ireland

The first day, we came to the bus and he journey began. After several hours in the bus, we arrived in the boat. We had fun in it even if the movements weren't really pleasant. We ate, explored, ate, walked, ate, played, ate, listened to music and ate.

The second day, we arrived. I was for the first time in Ireland. The weather wasn't really good as I expected. I finally met the family which put Matéo, Charles and me up.

The man's name is Eugene and his wife is Sandra. They also have a little dog called Skippy. Eugene showed us our room. Then, we had a really good dinner. After that, something strange happened. It rang, Eugene came to open the door of the house: it was Julien and Arthur. They came here because their family wasn't at the meeting point. So for that night, they slept in this house. We laughed and called them "les sans-familles" because we aren't nice. We were in the living-room and Eugene sowed us the hats that his family had during the St.Patrick's day. We take a photo with

Then, we were really tired so we went to bed and slept.

The third day, took the bus and visited a port with sea lions. We took the bus again to Dublin. We visited the archaeological museum. It wasn't really funny but whatever! after that, we took the bus once more and went to a gaelic games club. We played handball, gaelic football and hurling. It was absolutely awesome even if it is was also hard. It rained but we kept going because we were having a lot of fun. We came back to our families, we had a dinner which was.. One of the best meal I ever ate.

Eugene said that they eat that at the morning, they're crazy. After that, I put my green shirt and we went to the Irish party. We learned Irish dance, it was really great. After a few hours, we came home, and slept.

The fourth day, we took the bus for a huge walk. We saw in a buiding a movie about the ruins of Irish churches or something like that. I saw in this buiding a photo where there were the manager of the place next to Michelle Obama. It was surprising. We went outside and a man spoke to us about the ruins, I think. I say that because I didn't heard a word he said. Then we began the walk, it was long and the weather wasn't really good. But we saw beautiful landscapes, so it worthed.

Because of the rain, the walk was shorter as expected. We took the bus to go back to our families. After the dinner, we came to the beahc with all the other pupils.

The fifth day, we came to a farm. The smell and the weather didn't help us. the two farmers showed us a lot of things. We saw the cow Daisy, she was really nice. We saw also deers, sheep and pigs. We made some Irish bread, it was great. The farmer threw us the eggs and had to catch it!

After doing that, we took the tractor to the peat-bogs. During the journey we sang a song with the farmer. The peat-bogs were.. wet. Jérémie and Samson plunged their feet in it, it was really romantic. Then we came back to the farm, we painted on a wall, ate our breads, saw the pigs and we did Irish dance again and Irish music with an Irish percussion. After all of that, we took the bus and went back. Once again, we went to the beach after the dinner.

The sixth day, we came to Dublin. We had some free time, we visited shops and ate in the Burger King.  We visited a museum about a painter, Francis Bacon. We also bought some clothes. We took the bus to the port and entered into the boat. The seventh day began. I didn't arrive to sleep but I was really tired. After the boat, we took the buss to cross England and I slept, but it was really uncomfortable. We bought some eat with our pounds and took the bus again, then the boat again during four hours. We played cards games and rested. We finally arrived in France and reached Lille in a few hours of bus.

I personnaly found this trip amazing. Ireland is a country I ever wanted to go even with the weather. We had a lot of fun, we saw amazing things, learned Irish dance and Gaelic Games!

Thank you for all of this.

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