Thomas Jefferson
A.K.A. "Long Tom"

I was born on April 13, 1743, and passed away July 4, 1826. I was born in Shadwell, Virginia and died in my comfy little bed in Monticello. My party was the Democratic-Republican Party. My presidency lasted between March 4, 1801 and March 4, 1809. I was also the author of the Declaration of Independence, FYI.

Morally inconsistent but insanely accomplished.

About Me :)

Okay, first I guess I introduce myself.. My name is Thomas Jefferson. I know you're probably like "OMG you're supposed to tell us your middle name!" But here's the thing, my mother never gave me a middle name! Isn't that strange? Anyway, moving on. I love books! I once sold 6,500 volumes to the Library of Congress.

I am married to Martha Jefferson. I have been married to her since 1772, we have three daughters named Martha Jefferson Randolph, Lucy Elizabeth Jefferson, and Mary Jefferson Eppes. A Grandson too. I also have 5 sisters, and 3 brothers.

Well... that's me!

My thoughts about the Election of 1800

I'd say that the election of 1800 was

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