Shadow children all over the world are messing up the population.

There are to many people and not enough food. Shadow children are messing up our food population the country is already packed by itself, it will not help if there are thousands of more kids in hiding having our food. We need the population law so we have enough room to farm, make stuff, and help the enviroment. And shadow children are stopping us. This is survival now people and we will win!

Writer, Channing Tatum

Shadow Children strike again!

Look what Shadow Children do to our economy. They are destroying the country if we don't stop them. That is why we need to stop the shadow children, they are taking over the country and this is war and survival now.

Writer, Chuck Norris

Shadow Children Declare War!

People out there, Shadow Children have officially declared war. The army is going to go to fight for our country. This is the biggest thing that has happened to our country since Justin Beiber came to our country to sing. Gosh that was chaos. Any way the army cant find any shadow children.

Writer, Zack Galifanackis

Shadow Children have been defeated!

Shadow children have been defeated!

Writer, Harrison Ford

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