Final Solution

The last step in a plan to exterminate the Jews

The impossible task for the Jews to avoid death however it came, mainly through massacres and Pogroms.

Pogroms were organized massacres of a minority group, causing havoc. The Nazi's used Pogroms as a way to eliminate the Jewish population in Germany once and for all. The word Pogrom translated from Russian means havoc, and some Pogroms were sponsored by Russian governments. Called the November Pogrom, it was one of the many attacks of the Nazi's, carried out by the SA troops, that killed almost 100 Jews in Germany and Austria. These Pogroms were eventually spread around the world in the years during World War 2.

This image shows one of the entrances to a Concentration Camp with a group of people lined up not knowing what will happen to them.

These soldiers are raiding a wine shop with no regard for those in the way, showing a man being trampled as they continue their work.
Pogroms have become less violent over time. The idea of Pogroms have changed to be aimed at a whole group rather than small pieces of it

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