Diana M| Ms.Rodriguez| 2/19/2015

ANN PETRY was born on october,12,1908 i Old Say brooks,Connecticut.Ann's mom is Bertha James Lane and her dad is Peter C. Lane . She studied at the CONNECTICUT College OF Pharmacy. ANN used to work in the family drugstore for several years.After some years she married George D. Petry  and moved to New York were she had  one daughter named Elisabeth Ann. She had 2 jobs she was a advertising sales person and reporter for the Amsterdam news .  She  wrote lots of books about  how African American's life's use to be ,she became really famous because of her books, her books made a big impact all around the world .She sold 1.5 million copy's of each book she made. ANN and her family moved back to CONNECTICUT were she use to help at the [NAACP]National Association  for the advancement of colored people.For sure we will never forget ANN PETRY she had done a lot for the African American History she was really happy with what she had done in her life.

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