Character Photo Essay Project

Autumn Nipp


This is a picture of me from when I was in Army JROTC, before I transferred to Frisco during junior year. The structure of the military very much mirrors the way I am in my life. Outwardly, I'm very serious, punctual, organized, structured, conservative, confident. I have no reservations in making my opinion known. This picture also shows my other side that most people don't get to see- a quirky, kind of care-free attitude.  No matter where life lands me, I always find a way to turn conventionality on its head and enjoy myself doing it. I don't care for "normal." I know I'm weird and I accept it, and it doesn't phase me if another person doesn't accept it. It's not my problem; it's theirs.


The symbol I find that represents me is my purity ring. It reflects my core beliefs and my Christian upbringing. Though I have no problems in saying what I think, I believe in being classy, calm, private, tactful, reserved, and kind. The ring is a symbol of my faith and commitment in God, and also in life. In regards to the faith, I think there is always a reason to carry on with our lives, despite whatever troubles may come. In regards to the commitment, I never give up. I don't believe in it. Sometimes, I overload myself with too much to handle, but I always manage and it hasn't stopped me yet.


This photo is a picture of the Texas hill country. I was born and raised in Texas, and I'm very proud of that. I've never lived anywhere else, and I don't particularly want to. The scene itself provides a view far into the distance, covering a big stretch of the unknown. It's like my life. I've got a long ways to go and I make sure to keep it in mind. What happens today, tomorrow, or the day after doesn't matter much in the long run because there's a lot more to come, so I don't need to be so worried about the current trials because I know if I take it a day at a time- slow down, look around, and enjoy my blessings- it's not so hard to get around the corner.

Inner Character

I thought a long time about what picture to use for this. Funny thing is, I never read these books, but I saw the movie and it stuck out because I could relate to it. The people who don't fit just one of the five factions are Divergent- the uncontrollable. In the movie, one of the characters said a line that spoke to me: "I don't want to be just one thing. I can't be. I want to be brave, and I want to be selfless, intelligent, and honest and kind." That's exactly how I feel. I'm not just a single type of person. I can't be categorized or controlled. I think the only way to show people who I am is to not show them one thing because I'm not one thing. I never have completely fit into any one group anywhere, and that's okay.

Outer Character

There are many photos I could choose from that well represent all that Autumn is to me. This picture always comes to mind when I think of her. The photo was as prophetic of her personality as it is silly and absurd. Taken just a few days after her first birthday in early July of 1998, it showcases her quirkiness, even as a baby. This picture has always made me laugh; even as I scanned it in for this project, I found myself laughing, just as a 17 year old Autumn still brings me joy and laughter today. - Johnny Nipp, Autumn's Dad

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