Student City

when we ask a question what kind of city about Eskişehir, so many people told you that " it is a student city. So I would like to visit there to see this student city. I bought bus ticket morning at 8,30. Altough I want to go with railway. Because all of tickets ran out of. Mr.Murat gök. who is my colleague left me Aşti with the car. Then I arrived there around 11.30 and my friend Çağatay wait me at Espark. So I got into tram to go Espark. Tramway was awsome and its really good to move somewhere in city. There were lots of people can use this line so easily and effective. You don't need to take into bus or another vehicles. But the tickets price little bit expensive according to Student city.

With friend at #eskişehir #odunpazarı

We went to coffee shop to take coffee then we went to Odunpazarı. Odunpazarı is old trade center at Eskişehir and it is quite famous place in the city area. There are old ottoman homes and these days The municipality try to restoration all of these homes and they good at doing that job because I feel relax when I walk trough old street and between ottoman homes. There are also nice old cafee and breakfast reastaurand , its so small but looks so esthetic. Then we went to old ottoman mosque. There was a hand craft bazaar. I met a guy who can paint faience as a professianal. He eduacated by ermenian craftsman around 4 year while study at university. He export his working stuff to USA with higher price than Turkey. I've bought 2 bookends I really like its :D. There is also meerschaum museum. You can see lots of nice working there by meerschaum especially they made pipes.

After 7 years later met with my firend at eskişehir

The weather was so cold and i got hungry then we went to Pino which cook Turkish style hamburger. It was not perfect but also not bad maybe they need to discover new souce then It might be nice. After pino we went to Adalar to drink coffee and play tavla with Çağatay. Nobady could win the game, the first round Çağatay won and other round I took. I miss play tavla with him. Then I called my old friend Emine Barut from Karasu. She also study in Architect in ESOGU university, and this  year is her last year in university. I have not seen her since 7 years after high school. We found good and warm cafe and took a seat at there. We tolk about high school times and  our memories. The end of the night I went to Çağtay's home to see him mother and they prepared a good dinner for us. Then çağatay left me railway station by car.

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