Assessment made Efficient through Technology

Teachers have long spent hours and hours grading paper assessments and providing feedback in handwritten or oral form. We do this because we understand the importance of feedback. Students are motivated to learn more when feedback is consistent and immediate.  Feedback is most effective when given continuously and throughout projects and assignments (Ip, 2005).

Technology serves to revolutionize this process. It makes continuous and immediate feedback possible while maintaining instructional time.

Google Drive, for example, provides many tools that streamline the assessment process. Students can share assignments (documents, presentation, tables) with their teacher. The teacher, in turn, can give feedback directly on the assignment and return it digitally.

Google Forms is one way teachers can create self-grading assessments. See how below.

These are some more digital resources to help teachers poll and quiz their students.

If you're looking for an easy way to collect and correct exit slips, try one of these tools!

Finally, these are some great resources to make and use rubrics.

Teachers are more successful when they devote more of their time to students and provide regular feedback (ip, 2005). Technology allows teachers to provide consistent and specific feedback without losing instructional time.


Ip, Y.K. (2005 December). The importance of giving feedback to students. Ideas on teaching, 4. Retrieved from

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