This thing called life.

My name is Destiny Rae Navarro. I am a senior at Harlingen High School South. I am a very down to earth and simple person. I find beauty in the small things and take things exactly for what they are. I find the best in every situation and live everyday to the fullest. I have a big obsession with the sun and the moon. I enjoy writing poetry and free drawing or doodling. I love art because it gives you the ability to make nothing into something.


09/01/14: "What had been the most eventful day for you, since school has started? Why?"  I wouldn't say I have had a very eventful day but the most hectic day for me, was the first two days of school. I just recently moved back to Harlingen South and am not super confident in knowing where every class is. I remember most of the important things but not necessarily what teacher is in what classroom. Finding my classes was easier thanks to the help of my friends but it was still hectic remembering my schedule.

09/04/14: "Why did you select the tutorial you did?"
I chose the editing tutorial I did because I like taking pictures and sometimes my makeup causes my face to look uneven. This editing tutorial I chose shows how to retouch your skin. It shows how to lighten the face, remove blemishes or pimples and wrinkles. It also showed how to retouch your makeup. I saw somethings in this video that I would enjoy to learn how to do. Also, it will help me because if ever someone needs their pictures touched up, I will have the skills necessary to do so.

09/08/14: "What is five things you hope to gain or learn from this class?"
I hope to learn how to edit many things on Photoshop and all the other websites we will learn to use. I hope to achieve as much as I possibly can dealing with any thing related to Graphic Design. I not only wish to learn things dealing with Graphic Design but as well as working with others and how to get things done in groups with everyone involved.

09/18/14: "Describe two designs that can be completed using the pen tool."
One design you can use the pen tool for is on an image, you can use the pen tool to create your own image separate from the image you want. You can cut out the part you don't want and insert another picture and use that as the background. You can also use the pen tool to create free images, like an eye, mouth, etc. Using the pen tool you can honestly create anything that comes to mind. In my opinion the pen tool is probably the best tool Photo Shop allows you to use.

09/23/14: "Kahoot Critique"
I took Cloes Kahoot Quiz online, her questions were very well put together and thought out. I enjoyed using Kahoot to take a quiz because it is a different way of approaching a quiz. There was some questions that I got confused on because I read too fast and chose the wrong answer because some were similar. Kahoot is an awesome way of taking test or quizs because it allows to choose your answers and tells you right then & there if you are correct or incorrect, which saves a lot of time.

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