Session 1

In this session we learned how to the photogate timer and track. later on we used it and recorded the times for the slider we put on the track. we put a timer and 20 cm and one at 60 cm.

Session 2

in this session we used the oscilloscope to read the audio waves from the audio generator. we also used it to read the song on the radio's audio waves. we learned that the oscilloscope can read waves from different frequencies and channels.

session 3

in this session we tested which metal could take the most heat. we tested steel, copper and aluminum. steel took the most heat while aluminum practically bent from it.

Session 4

In this session we listed the steps on scientific method. we also found out the difference between an insulator and a conductor. we also did an experiment to see different materials that were conductors or insulators.

Session 5

In this session we found out how sun-glasses have their shading. we tested the shading colors that went best at shading. the best match was green and red.

session 6

In this session we found out what makes regular light and laser light different. we demonstrated proper care for use of the laser. We also experimented with laser lights.

session 7

In this session we demonstrated proper care of  a laser. we also transferred sound waves through a laser. also a beam splitter to direct the laser.


A career for this module is a Physicist. A Physicist researches new discoveries in physics. They also test out new theories and decide whether or not something should be added to the laws of physics. This job takes a lot of smarts to be able to work in. Not only do they find new things in physics they look at the old things too. They look for flaws or things they can add on to. This job involves plenty of thinking and can be a very important job for physics.

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