Size Never Matters

By: Antonio Gonzalez

George is in the bunkhouse playing solitaire. He is enjoying his game until the Boss storms into the room to observe if everyone is having their dinner. He notices George in the corner next to the bunks playing solitaire on the floor. The Boss was skeptical about this because George is one of his hardest workers.

"George, why aren't you eating with everyone else?" the Boss said furiously.

George profoundly looked at him, thinking on how he would love to hit him with the chair at the dining table.

"I want to play a couple games of solitaire." George said casually.

"Does it look like I give a damn about you wanting to play your game!"

George tried to remain calm but also thought about jungling-up. The thought of camping out didn't calm George.

"Slim gave me a bum steer, he said I could come in here and play cards!"

On the corner of George's eye he noticed the Boss' wife, the "jail bait," was tempting most of the workers in the bunkhouse to have a goodnight. The Boss did not notice until George dejectedly told the Boss.

"I think your wife is getting around." George said in a mimicking tone.

"Excuse me?" the Boss questioned.

The Boss struck George but that did not stop him. George jabbed the Boss with his right hand and grabbed his head and threw him through the window. All of the workers in the bunkhouse stood up in shock. Staring at the man who caused all of this mayhem. George looked at the aftermath and could not believe it, he always believe he couldn't do something like this to someone who was much bigger than himself. The table was flipped over, also with a couple of chairs, and glass scattered all over the floor. The jail bait walked away in disbelief that her husband had lost a battle but knew that George would not win the war.   

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