Judge Timothy Wright Faces Nine Federal Charges

According to KXAN, Wright, 70, faces nine federal charges. Prosecutors said he sold guns illegally, including to criminals, and tried to help smuggle guns across the border.

Wright’s defense attorney, Jeff Senter, claims that his client is innocent of any charges. “Judge Wright is a bright man. He understands documents, he is a judge, and he did the best he could do to comply with the law,” stated Senter.

According to court documents, Tim Wright knowingly sold seven firearms to the same convicted felon on three separate occasions in February of this year. Federal investigators say Wright helped smuggle multiple weapons out of the U.S. Wright is also accused of falsifying information when he purchased firearms from gun stores in Georgetown and Copperas Cove. In the indictment, it says Wright filled out paperwork indicating he was the buyer of the firearms, but he was actually buying the firearms on behalf of another person.

If convicted, Wright faces up to 10 years of imprisonment on each firearm charge and up to five years of imprisonment on each count alleging false statements to a government agent.

Police Close Investigation Against 'King of Instagram' Dan Bilzerian

In December, the 'King of Instagram' was in trouble. The poker player and playboy was sued by Miami-based model Vanessa Castano, who claimed that he had kicked her in the face at a trendy South Beach club. In the lawsuit, Vanessa and her lawyer stated that, " Bilzerian kicked the plaintiff off an elevated platform..." Only a few days later, Bilzerian was arrested in L.A. on felony explosives charges for allegedly detonating a bomb at an unofficial shooting range just outside of Vegas.

But now, it appears that Bilzerian will not face any criminal charges in the incident. A Miami Beach Police Department spokesperson confirms that the investigation into the nightclub incident has been closed. And earlier this month, the explosive charges went away after Bilzerian pleaded no contest to a reduced misdemeanor charge of failing to extinguish a fire. He paid restitution and will film a PSA.

Connecticut Teen Refuses Court Ordered
Chemo Therapy

Cassandra C., a 17 year old girl, from Hartford, Connecticut recently refused chemo therapy for her cancer. She was later forced by the state to undergo the therapy and her Hodgkin's lymphoma cancer is now in recession. She will end up going to court for having to undergo forced chemo therapy.  In the meantime, she is confined to a hospital bed and will remain in the hospitals care until released. Cassandra and her mother were initially and still are against the treatment she has undergone. Her mother has been quoted with saying she doesn't want "poisons" and "toxins" put into her daughter and wants to explore less conventional ways of fighting the cancer.

My Intended College
Texas A&M University

In the A&M code of conduct, cheating is defined as intentionally using or attempting to use unauthorized materials, information, notes, study aids or other devices or materials in any academic exercise. If accused and found guilty of cheating, a student can be dropped from the course and possibly be served more severe consequences based on the severity of their perpetration.

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