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cheap fifa coins Immediately was Nielsen show red penalty out has Stadium, and Herbert Xue is because foul eat to has yellow 13 minutes, Hwang Sun-Hong and Zheng again occurred conflict, but for both are has yellow in body, Nielsen only on II people for has oral warned 23 minutes, one Korea audience ran admission within, to duty main CD and the team coach show "red", led to game once suspended 25 minutes, again began Hou, attack into second grain into ball of Shao was Shen Zai source pulled to. Under the existing unbearable situation, Nelson finally showed the yellow card to the Shen Zai source. Shen Zai source two Zhang yellow was sent off field, Korea team field Shang only left 9 people 27 minutes, however, game just for has two minutes, just of victims Shao also because in defensive Hwang Sun-Hong of when action had big was show has second Zhang yellow next 31 minutes, China midfielder Li Shunsheng from Shen Zai source was sent off Hou of gap in caught opportunities, scored this field game of third grain into ball still in 31 minutes, on in team attack into 3rd ball of while, due to on whether offside exists controversy, Korea players Yoo sang-Chul and Kim Anh besieged referee Nelson.

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