Samantha Kulaga ,Alyssa Bartosch south 4/17/15

A etiquette rule for Sweden is you cant reach for your drink until the host or hostess has said skoal .

You should always take your glass and raise it for the host or hostess to make a toast.

It is  absolutely essential when making a toast to maintain direct eye contact from the moment when the glass is raised until it is put down.

The knife remains in the left hand the whole dinner and the fork remains in the right hand all dinner .

The difference between america and Sweden is we don't have to hold our knife the whole dinner. It is important to read dining rules before u go to a place because they may kick you out or be offended. We found it surprising that they have to pass there food to the left ,and when you pass the salt and pepper shakers they cant hit the table as they are passing it.

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