A nation of the world

Founded in the 12th century Russia is the biggest country by size . Russia has a population of 142,470,272 (July 2014 est.), one of the tenth biggest populated countries. .Life expectancy in Russia is 70.16 years. About 11% (2013 est.) of people living in Russia are below poverty line. The unemployment rate in Russia  is 5.8%. Russia has about 40.853 million internet users. The gross national product or GNP for Russia is 3.261 trillion PPP dollars. Russia's challenges in the future will be human trafficking, and  illicit drugs if not stopped.  Russian culture is the culture associated with the country of Russia and, sometimes, specifically with ethnic Russians. In Russia the main language is Russian since 96.3% of people living in Russian speak Russian. The main religion in Russia is Russian orthodox, and about 20-15% of the Russian population practice it, but Russia also has a large population of non-believers, that don't practice a religion. Currently Russia is a Russian federation in terms of what government it has.

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