Switzerland Global Village

We have been researching Switzerlands culture and issues all year long. Switzerland is a very developed country. The four hotspots we are focusing on are: tax fraud, foreign intake, avalanches, and climate change.

Meredith Whitley, Burke Logan, Lukas Wernthaler and Avery Lynch

Issue #1: Tax Fraud

Issue #2 Foreign Intake

In the cartoon, the Swiss are expressing that they do not like immigrants in their country. The man in the cartoon is saying that there are already too many immigrants in their country. The sign says immigrants stay out. The Swiss feel like this because the immigrants interfere with the daily life of the Swiss. Whether it be because of culture or other reasons.

Issue #3: Avalanches

Issue 4: Climate Change

Climate change is a problem in Switzerland. There is a reduction of days of snow on the Alps by about thirty days. This is happening because of the rise of temperature. Lakes have decreased in ice coverage in the past forty years also, leaving Switzerland with some major drawbacks. Switzerland is planning on cutting the greenhouse gas by fifty percent from 1990 to 2030 though. This is not enough to stop the climate changing more in Switzerland. Climate change is making Switzerland look like a new country, and something needs to happen to help prevent this from continuing.

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